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“My team was fairly new to the world of eLearning and instructional design when we hired eLearnology to produce a series of online tutorials for new community coaches (Get Coaching!) Working with their Principle Instructional Designer, Fern McCracken on this project has allowed us to take this great big idea and simplify it down into a creative, user-friendly, and quality product. And I emphasize the word “we” because during the entire process, she truly felt like a team member, as opposed to a contractor whom we hired to just get the job done. She was there every step of the way, from storyboard to pilot to final product launch. She did not hesitate to challenge some of our ideas, emphasizing what was best from both an instructional design point-of-view and for the end-user, but she would always come back to us with some creative solutions. She was completely committed to us and the product, and extremely patient when we requested more changes. We have definitely learned a lot from her expertise, and now we have a fantastic online product that is being raved about by many of our sport partners.”

Claudia Gagnon, NCCP Projects and Product Manager.


The Coaching Association of Canada wanted to create a series of eLearning modules to support volunteers that coach children’s sports across Canada.  eLearnology™​ was chosen to work with their project team to design and develop a series of online eLearning modules that would provide coaches with a helpful resource to plan practices, design drills, teach physical literacy and provide positive experiences for children in sport.


SOS 4 Kids – Online Home Alone Course for Kids

SOS 4 Kids Inc. offers instructor-led courses across Canada, teaching children valuable life skills to help them make safer choices, whether on their own in the community or at home.

By teaming up with eLearnology™, they were able to expand their training from the classroom to an online format, making it easier and more convenient for parents and children to access courses. eLearnology™ designed engaging media-rich online lessons and built a custom branded Portal to host the eLearning modules that included features such as:

  • self-registrations and e-commerce

  • tracking of sales and course completions

  • Incentive game based learning components (collect safety badges after completing each module)

  • certificate of completion for learners

  • engaging media-rich content, intuitive for learners

HIGH FIVE National, Parks and Recreation Ontario

HIGH FIVE is a National Accreditation Standard for children’s recreation programs in Canada.  eLearnology’s Principle Instructional Designer Fern McCracken has worked closely with HIGH FIVE over the last 10 years to develop a series of courses for their National Certification Training Program.  This includes the development of Trainer Guides, PowerPoint files, video and media assets to enhance learning and provide a standardized delivery of content across the country.


Courses include:

  • Principles of Healthy Child Development

  • HIGH FIVE Sport

  • QUEST 2  Quality Experience Scanning Tool

  • HIGH FIVE Trainer


Instructional Designer - Cloud-Based Health Promotion Teacher Resources


eLearnology™ designed a series of fun online educational games for school teachers, parents and children promoting healthy lifestyles such as physical literacy and nutrition education. This contract included the design of a cloud-based portal, with log-in access for teachers. eLearnology™ designed resources with age-appropriate storylines and learning outcomes. The multi-media online games were developed for two audiences (Kindergarten-Grade 3 and Grades 4-6).


The AtMyBest lesson plans are directly linked to the Physical and Health Education curriculum for each province/territory across Canada. These lesson plans along with online tutorials, videos, and games assist teachers to identify and deliver programming that supports their specific curriculum outcomes and Daily Physical Activity (DPA) objectives for student learning.

Institute for Hormonal Health -
Training for Practitioners

The Hormonal Health Educational Series  I-HHeLP is a training certification designed by Dr. Kristy Prouse MD, FRCSC, (OB/GYN), Chief Medical Officer of the Institute for Hormonal Health to educate the healthcare practitioner on the importance of hormonal disruption to overall health. 


These healthcare providers include medical doctors, naturopathic,  chiropractic, osteopathic, TCM doctors and any allied healthcare practitioner that has an interest in understanding the physiological consequences of hormonal disruption and how to accurately diagnose and treat hormones holistically. 


To provide online delivery of this certification IHH contracted the services of eLearnology™ to develop a series of 16 educational modules including interactive content, videos, quizzes and case studies.  Upon successful completion, learners receive a certificate of completion.  

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