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Founded by Fern McCracken, eLearnology™ is an instructional design consulting firm that specializes in the development of on-line training solutions.  With over 20 years experience in adult education, our highly talented and certified eLearning instructional designers along with our associates (media production experts, graphic artists, and web developers) work collaboratively to create an effective learning solution that meets your needs.  

At eLearnology™​ we believe that effective training is the result of two key ingredients.  The first is working collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we understand your needs and address your business goals. Secondly, we believe that creating effective training is a science. Providing learners with information does not equal competency and understanding. Learning must be guided carefully, using instructional design techniques that allow viewers to apply concepts, and interact with content in a meaningful way.

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eLearnology™ creates online tutorials with custom graphics and animation on each slide, which increases engagement rates and deepens understanding of course content. Our media-rich tools combined with a sound background in instructional design create engaging content.

eLearnology™’s associate team members provide exceptional media expertise, and our unique and comprehensive team brings a diverse set of skills to your project, delivering high-quality results.


If your organization would like to feature video elements in its eLearning tutorials, we provide high definition video production at affordable prices.


Creating video for instructional purposes rather than marketing initiatives is a very different process. Implementing video in online training requires experience to ensure it is used strategically and results in meaningful learning outcomes. Our team combines high-level skills in both production and instructional design with a commitment to creating an end-product that is an effective learning tool.

eLearnology™  is an

instructional design firm that specializes in developing engaging online and classroom training solutions for the recreation, sport, education, and health care sector.

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